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"Romance Author Forging New Tradition" from The Des Moines Register and USA Today.

"What Women Want" from Canada's Globe and Mail

"It's Raining Men: Tackling the Torrents of Male/Male Romantic Fiction Flooding the Market" in Romantic Times

Erotica: Full-Frontal Shelving at Library Journal

Why Gay Romance Works For Women at Sequential Tart


Greatest Hits From Heidi's Blog

If You Build It, They Don't Necessarily Come: The Heaven & Hell of Marketing a Book

Dogma Is Death & Doubt Is Your Friend: How to Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Best Beta

Thoughts I Think about Rants, False Ghettos, and Misinformation Surrounding the Gay Romance Market

Rediscovering My Compass: Heidi's Review of A Knight in Shining Armor

Reality 301 With Heidi Cullinan

PSA: Back Up Your Work

The Definition of Success

Writers: Story is a Ride



To Live By the Girl Scout Law (originally posted in Accessline Iowa)

Glee is So Gay (originally posted in Accessline Iowa)


Guest Blogs

Romantic Attractions: The Thrills & Spills of the Theme Park Ride at Heroes & Heartbreakers

BDSM Week at Boys In Our Books

Interview at Romancing the Book

Character Interview of James Gibbs from The Pirate's Game at Romance Lives Forever

Mrs. Condit's Book Blog: The Inherent Evils (But Eternal Attraction of) Stuff

Friskitbiskit: Living in a College Town

Smexy Books: The World of Tucker Springs

Mamba's Lair: Heidi & Marie Talk About Co-Writing

Popular Romance Project: Cullinan's Keeper Shelf

MANtastic Fiction: A Kiki With Heidi Culllinan

Jessewave: Digital Publishing Moves Mainstream: Is Your Publisher Playing the Professional Game?

The Good Men Project: The Everyday Sexiness of Men

Jessewave: Forget Sweethearts and Find Your Bunker Buddy (The Partner Writers Really Need)

Paranormal Paradigms: Paranormal TV by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan

Jadette Paige: The Story Behind the Etsey Series

Poppy's Paranormal Playground: The Businesss of Writing Part I and Part II

Fiction Vixen: The Endless Bounty of Loss 

Coffee Time Romance: What a Man: Men in Romance


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