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What People Are Saying About Heidi Cullinan

Fever Pitch

RT Reviews Top Pick

Cullinan pens another sweet and poignant m/m romance...a sure-fire winner. — RT Reviews


Best Gay Fantasy, First Place - Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010 (tied with Miles and the Magic Flute)

Second Place Paranormal Category - Rainbow Awards for Excellence from Rainbow Romance Writers

I will always love Heidi’s use of fantasy’s strengths — to delve into issues, pulling us into viewpoints that we might not otherwise consider. — Boxes of Paper

Unique and riveting story in a pretty stunning authorial debut. — Three AM Reviews

Cullinan has created a unique fantasy world full of kitsune and other mystical creatures where one man is the heart of the world. — Bitten by Books

Ms. Cullinan has created a contemporary story with an incredible paranormal plot that captivated me from the very beginning. — Rainbow Reviews

Heidi Cullinan weaves a magical tale that enchants the reader, wraps a perfect veil of story-telling illusion, and lets you walk away with a smile and a lighter heart, and only a touch of regret that there isn't any more. — Long and Short Reviews

Miles and the Magic Flute

Best Gay Fantasy, First Place - Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010 (tied with Hero)

Best Cover, 8th Place to artist Anne Cain - Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010

Miles and the Magic Flute" is a fantastic fairy tale, but not a sweet, fluffy one: this is "drag-you-under-the-hill faerie, not sprinkle-pixie-dust fairy," as one of the characters puts it.This isn't an easy story, and right until the final pages I wasn't sure which way the ending was turning ~ all I will tell you here is that it was a good, right, satisfying ending, and the novel as a whole is one I will be recommending widely.  — Ephemera at Rainbow Reviews

Miles's adventure will be totally involving, a bit naughty, and plenty moving, but to me has never reached the point I feared for him; I have always felt like the happily ever after was possible, and that in a way of the other, Miles would be able to understand what is really important in life. — Elisa Rolle

While the characters are definitely the soul of Miles and the Magic FluteMs. Cullinan has a wonderful knack for description. I could feel the snow and the cold of Minnesota in winter, just as I could see the forest of the Lord of Dreams and the dank dungeon where everything comes to a climax.... It is a quintessential fairy tale setting which is beautifully illustrated with strong imagery. — Dark Diva Reviews

Tough Love

A beautiful love story...Heidi Cullinan deftly delivers a superbly written novel that is absolutely worth your time. — My Fiction Nook

Can’t wait to see what the author will come up with next. — Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

TOUGH LOVE fuses together drama and passion to create an enticing mix. — Fresh Fiction

As someone who's enjoyed Heidi Cullinan's walk on the wild side in the two previous Special Delivery books as well as this one, I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the future. — The Romance Reviews

Ms. Cullinan proves that family isn’t always the people you are related to by blood, but oftentimes the family you make with the people you choose to be in your life. — Smexy Books

This book is a prime example of why I’m so stingy with my stars. When a book of this caliber comes along it should be recognized as such and should breathe that rarefied 5 star air. — Prism Book Alliance

Sexy, smoldering and intense, Tough Love is a wonderful love story but it is also a journey of emotional healing for both protagonists. — Book Reviews and More by Kathy

A spider’s web of lovin’. — Love Bytes Reviews

Tough Love... highlights so nicely how these men have created a true family, how they care for one another and are there for each other. — Joyfully Jay

Two lost souls, who more than need each other to survive, each supporting each others weaknesses and drawing from each others strengths, healing their wounds with the kink being a mutual purging of the pain they both endure. — Sinfully Sexy Books

A raunchy, angsty and downright beautiful story. — Long and Short Reviews

If you are looking for a unique and heart-warming series you should definitely give this one a try. — Night Owl Reviews

So much emotion shown through words. — Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Double Blind

Dear Author, Best of 2010

DABWHA Finalist 2011

The relationships between the couples are emotional and sexual, with the primary tenet being acceptance and understanding. — Library Journal (joint review of Special Delivery and Double Blind re-releases)

This book gives us an unlovable dirtbag and a end-of-his-rope loser and makes us not just care about them but root for them. — Damon Suede

We all have authors that we tend to gravitate to, those that you know will always deliver and Heidi Cullinan, for me, is one of those authors. — Sinfully Sexy Books

If readers want a book to sink their teeth into that has emotional truth, lots of angst, and stunning character construction and development, this is where to go. —  Dear Author

There's something magical within the pages of these books. — Rainbow Book Reviews

A whirlwind adventure ride. — Penny Reads Romance

Double Blind combines the thrill of gambling away one's heart with the exploration of dark desires. — Fresh Fiction

Heidi Cullinan is just a fabulous storyteller. — Boys in Our Books

This was a delightful story, and a true follow-up to the amazing Special Delivery. — My Fiction Nook

Ms. Cullinan has a way with words that I really enjoy. — Fiction Vixen

The characters just grab hold of you and won’t let go. — Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

Such a great story.  Can’t wait till I can read the next one. — Sid Love

Ms. Cullinan...delves into her characters, makes us see the world through their eyes. — Prism Book Alliance

I give Double Blind a A-. — The Book Pushers

This one still sticks with me. — The Blogger Girls

Just like with any story from Heidi, this book will drag you along through every emotion you can gather to feel and back again.  — The Risqué Redhead Reads

Hooch & Cake

Randy has an incredible way of making everything okay…snarkily and sarcastically, but that's my guy! — Rainbow Reviews

The very best combination of raunch and romance. I LOVE these boys! — Logan (Goodreads)

There is just so much about this novella that I absolutely love: the characters - revisiting them is like coming home...Randy...the incredibly hot sex that got my girly bits working overtime...Randy...the beautiful love, the feels. — Leigh (Goodreads)

All the kink and all the feels. All the love, all the games.  — Connie (Goodreads)

Perfection. That is all. — Sandra (My Fiction Nook)

This was all kinds of dirty, romantic, and just plain fun! — Mickie Ashling

I'm still all full of the feels and a little weepy. Also the dirty deliciousness. Or the delicious dirtiness. — AJ Cousins

It's a wedding, and true love, and filthy multi-partnered sex. I heartily recommend it. — Emma Sea (Goodreads)

Watch out Iowa! Randy should come with a warning label.  — Optimist ±King's Wench± Reviews (Goodreads)


Special Delivery

Best Gay Erotic Contemporary, First Place, Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010

Best Character, Third Place, Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010

Best Writing Style, First Place, Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010

Best Overall Gay Fiction, Second Place, Elisa Rolle's Rainbow Awards 2010

Dear Author, Best of 2010

DABWHA Finalist 2011

The relationships between the couples are emotional and sexual, with the primary tenet being acceptance and understanding. — Library Journal (joint review of Special Delivery and Double Blind​ re-releases)

Special Delivery is one of those rare gay romances that do not feel awkward, fake, or contrived to me. Everything flows naturally - the narrative, the pacing, and the character development. — Mrs. Giggles

This is a fabulous little story. I pretty much can’t recommend it highly enough. If you like K.A. Mitchell, I think you’ll love this book. Same type of character-driven romance. Same hot hot sex. And the ending is, I think, the first full-on proposal scene I’ve seen in a m/m romance. — Sarah Frantz at Dear Author

Special Delivery is a fabulous book.  So romantic that the ending is like a fairy tale...So sexy that your ereader might catch on fire.  And so sweet and uplifting that you will be rooting for Sam and Mitch all along the way.  I love Special Delivery and highly recommend it. — Joyfully Jay

This well written story is definitely worth reading. I really liked both Mitch and Sam and although I wasn't too taken with Randy I did feel that his presence helped to solidify their relationship. The sex scenes are well written, at times very erotic and at others almost romantic in feel. The BDSM in this story is not hard core instead it portrays certain kinks, including domination, exhibitionism and humiliation, in a way that should not put off anyone interested in but not too familiar with BDSM. Overall the central theme is the sexual and emotional journey Sam undertakes and his connection with Mitch. That theme is presented well throughout and made this a compelling story with a wonderful ending. I'm happy to recommend it.  — Lily at Rainbow Reviews

It is a beautifully told story about people finding each other, finding themselves, and falling in love, all wrapped up with a Goldilocks kink bow. With whipped cream. And Peaches. — Penny Wilder at Penny Reads Romance

Transcending from funny to sexy to romantic, SPECIAL DELIVERY takes you on a journey of emotions. — Fresh Fiction

Special Delivery, oh boy this book…it was off the charts sexy, it was intensely sensual it was kinky as fuck and it left me in a puddle more times than any words on a page should. — The Risqué Redhead Reads

 I was impressed with Ms. Cullinan’s ability to give us real, raw sex combined with an emotional connection to these characters. — Fiction Vixen
A journey that is full of high voltage sex scenes, Heidi can surely deliver quality rough sex, as well as intimate tender love. — Gay List Book Reviews
It hits every single one of my kink buttons… it’s deliciously wicked and the intensity of it is potent. — Sinfully Sexy Books
This book was HOT. It was sexy, naughty, erotic, but it happened with feels. — Boy Meets Boy

Heidi Cullinan sucked me right into this novel, which I read in its revised version. And when I say 'read', I mean 'inhaled'. — My Fiction Nook

I can’t recommend this book enough... This is the first book of a series. and I can’t wait to dive right into the next book. — The Novel Approach

Let It Snow

Cullinan (Love Lessons) blends appreciation for down-home values with hopes for gay equality in this charismatically sexy blizzard story. — Publisher's Weekly

Heidi Cullinan pens a charmingly sexy Christmas story fit for the holidays…Though LET IT SNOW may be my first read by Heidi Cullinan, I can guarantee you, it will not be my last! — Fresh Fiction

Let it Snow is a caring sweet, romantic, hot, thought-provoking read and…and though it feels like a gift, it’s one of those holiday books that actually can be read any time of the year! — Boys in our Books

This story charmed me. How could it not with that cozy little cabin in the woods, and the three cranky bears who end up with a very reluctant Goldilocks?! — Tipsy Biliophile

The story is exactly what it promises to be; cute, hot, and fluffy, with a happy ending. — Penny Reads Romance

The sexual tension between them escalates at a great pace – not too fast, not too slow, but juuuuust right. — Under the Covers

I love Christmas and Let It Snow is now just another of those things that make it all the more special. — Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Love Lessons

...tender, sweet and modern. Cullinan's approach towards budding affection is subtle, yet straightforward enough to prove that love can be found just about anywhere. — RT Book Reviews

In Love Lessons, Cullinan reached inside and pulled out ALL the feelings: fear, guilt, sadness, anticipation, happiness, love, lust, bitterness, loneliness, togetherness, and coming of age. — The Book Pushers

Where other gay romances might be headlong dives into sex and love, Cullinan's are subtle and sneaky journeys that promise the real thing, not just a mirage. — All About Romance

...Walter and Kelly...forge an emotional bond long before they actually become lovers. — Smexy Books

Everything I love about a young love romance, with two guys just figuring out what they want out of life, of love, of relationships. — Joyfully Jay

...blends the beauty of a sweet, young, Disney style romance with the gritty realism of modern life and the obstacles we often face: job security and depression. — Live Your Life, Buy the Book

If the heart is akin to a musical instrument, Ms. Cullinan played it beautifully. — Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books

I pretty much smiled my way through Love Lessons. It was amusing, it gave me a severe case of the warm and fuzzies, and it made my fucking heart melt. — The Morning After Romance

...absolutely gorgeous, completely heart-warming romantic story — Smitten With Reading

Have you ever had that moment where you really believe that the universe is your friend and the whole time you are in that moment you keep thinking "how perfect is this?" That was Love Lessons for me. — Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Thank you, Heidi, for giving me another fabulous couple to add to my favorites. This story had a lot of lessons and not all of them were just about love. — Rainbow Reviews


Family Man

Finalist, Gay Contemporary, 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards


Cullinan and Sexton’s second collaboration... takes the traditional romantic trope of older experienced man/younger inexperienced woman and turns it on its ear. However, they capture the beauty of developing a relationship based on mutual interest without resorting to immediate gratuitous sex (although the eventual sex is steamy) in an homage to the old-fashioned romance.  — Library Journal, starred review

Warm and romantic and touching and sexy.  I loved both Trey and Vince and they are both just so good that I couldn’t help but want the best for them.  Excellent story and one that I highly recommend. — Joyfully Jay

FAMILY MAN took me by surprise when I picked it up after coming home from work.  It grabbed my attention and didn’t let it go until I had finished the last word before I went to bed.  You could say that I devoured it! — Under the Covers

Family Man has so many things going for it I couldn’t help but love it...The partnership of Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan brought all the best things about their work together into one delightful book.  I can’t recommend Family Man highly enough. — Joyfully Reviewed

The easy connection to Vince and Trey... had me enjoying this book so much and making the pages fly by. — Fiction Vixen

The writing really shines here with two styles blending well. — Long and Short Reviews

A satisfying sweet romance — Elisa Rolle



Dirty Laundry

Winner, Best LGBT Erotic Romance in the 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards


OMG… Excellent! Impeccable writing yet again from Heidi Cullinan, with two characters I absolutely adored… both with damaged souls, yet they find a love so selfless it leaves your heart full of warmth and a happy glow all over!  5 Amazing Stars. — Sinfully Sexy Books

I am a new fan of Heidi Cullinan…I love her voice and her characters are always very interesting. This story is no exception. — Smexy Books

A quick note about the sex scenes. Cullinan is an expert at them. Sizzling hot with that touch of vulnerability made the scenes between Denver and Adam that much more interesting. I became more and more invested in this couple as the book went on. — Under the Covers

A really great addition to the series.  If you are familiar with Cullinan’s writing, you know she can put together some incredibly heated sex scenes and this book is full of them. It is dirty and sexy and lots of fun. — Joyfully Jay

Dirty Laundry is a perfect blend of kinky sex and sweet romance that fans of M/M novels will enjoy. Both characters undergo a tremendous amount of growth and they truly bring out the best in one another. The sexual chemistry between Adam and Denver is off the charts smokin’ hot and their encounters are downright nasty (but in a good way ). — Book Reviews and More by Kathy

Both of these guys have big flaws and it takes a while for them to come clean about those flaws with each other, but I loved the way that their relationship developed. — Smitten With Reading

Both of them are not perfect, in many way other than looks, but they are perfect together. — Elisa Rolle

A really good, sweet story that had me at times teary-eyed. —Sunset Reader Reviews


Second Hand

5th Place, Gay Contemporary, 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards


So, Heidi and Marie, just go ahead and push all my buttons, and THEN reach in and pull my guts out. You both seem to be good at that sort of thing. — Kelly at Insta-Love Reviews

I love forever boys.  I love stories that first create a friendship and then build it into something more.  I love comfort reads.  For me this was all three of those things. — Nat at BiblioJunkies

A melody played with different instruments that blended perfectly. — Wave at Reviews by Jessewave

The writing was so superb and kept me interested from the beginning. I can only hope that Heidi and Marie continue to write together. — The Armchair Reader

When El actually tells [Paul] everything he wants to do to him... *THUD* yeah that was me falling off my chair. — Francesca at Under The Covers

I love a story that makes me smile and this one definitely did...over and over again. — Christi at Smitten With Reading

Sweet and romantic with some nice heat as well. — Joyfully Jay

When two of my favorite authors get together to write a book and it’s published by one of my favorite publishing houses I just know it’s going to be powerful. Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton, and Riptide Publishing do not disappoint with Second Hand. — Mrs. Condit Reads Books

Second Hand is a great story that I truly enjoyed. I look forward to reading more books in this series. — Marq at Love To Read For Fun

Fans of Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton are going to LOVE Second Hand, their co-authored release in the Tucker Springs series. It is a delightfully charming romance between two appealing protagonists who are going to steal your heart. —Book Reviews and More by Kathy

Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan wrote a wonderful story that I couldn't put down. It was love at first chapter for me. — Ed & Em's Reviews



A Private Gentleman

DABWAHA Finalist 2013

Honorable Mention, Rainbow Awards for Historical Romance

In this heartwrenching and redemptive love story, Cullinan has crafted two detailed, complex and highly sympathetic characters who are both endearing and surprising. — Romantic Times

It’s not very often that I am charmed by a book almost from the first page–but this book blew a fresh wind into the rather overworked 19th century area of the m/m historical romance genre and I found myself won over and wooed. — Erastes at Speak Its Name

Sometimes the love story should be about the victims, the non-Alphas, the ones who are left behind, the ones who aren’t strong — but of course, are the strongest of us all. That is this book. And I adored it. — Sarah Frantz at Dear Author 

A Private Gentleman is a gritty, exquisitely crafted story ... If you love historical romance which is heartbreaking, realistic, and full of suspense, while being passionate, loving, and ends happily, you will like this story. — Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews

I give full kudos to the author for holding back on the homoerotica  in favour of the superbly turned plot. It is not to say that it lacks sex, not at all, but it is nicely balanced with the story line. Altogether it is a thinking-person’s read, and one that comes enthusiastically recommended from this reader. — Gerry B's Book Reviews

I devoured this book and had to reach for my Kleenex from time to time as something about the heroes just pulled atn my heart-strings and wouldn't let me go. — Samantha at Fiction Vixen

Oh, this was a really wonderful book. Dark and haunting and definitely intense, but the connection between the men was so lovely. — Joyfully Jay

I have to say that Heidi Cullinan is a virtuoso when it comes to playing with your emotions. ...I was hooked from beginning to end! — Black Tulip at Booked Up Reviews

This story has exceeded all my expectations and then some. Unless another historical romance novel comes along and grabs me by the throat and doesn’t let go like A Private Gentleman did, this will end up being my favorite historical romance for this year. — Katiebabs

If you love historical romance full of angst and suspense, with characters that break your heart look no further than A Private Gentleman. — Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books


Dance With Me

Recommended by Mandi at USA TodayThanks to the recommendation from a friend, I finally picked up a book by Heidi Cullinan, and I'm so glad I did. In Dance With Me, Ed is a former football player who has had his career cut short by a bad neck injury. He meets dancer Laurie when he volunteers at the local rec center. When he starts taking dance classes to help his injury, Laurie becomes not only Ed's friend but they start to explore a relationship as well. — USA Today

Golden Blush Award from Niterary Nymphs: Dance with Me has become my favorite story by Heidi Cullinan.  Ed and Laurie are probably the most realistic characters I have ever seen.  The drama that the two go through, first with Ed’s injury and later with Laurie’s interfering friends and family, are so true to life that each scene is like peeking into someone else’s life.  If you have not yet tried any of this author’s books, I strongly suggest you start with this one. — Literary Nymphs

The Romance Reviews' Top Pick: Have you ever read a book that at the end of reading leaves a feeling of well-being? Or that a few days after reading it, you still remember him? DANCE WITH ME was one of those books for me. — Midia at The Romance Reviews

5 Star Read at Reviews by Jessewave: Dance With Me is a contemporary Odd Couple narrative about two men who shouldn’t work together, but almost cannot work apart....And the sex!?! Holy Moly, Mother of Lube is the sex hot! — Damon at Reviews by Jessewave

Dear Author Recommended Read: More than anything else, I fell in love with Ed and Laurie. They're amazingly full and real characters. They've got quirks that felt like...real people, not like characters with quirks to make them cute and lovable...I fell in love with the sheer beauty of the writing. — Sarah Frantz at Dear Author

A Joyfully Recommended Read: I absolutely loved Dance With Me.  It has the perfect combination of emotion and heat.  The often heart-wrenching journey Laurie and Ed had to take in order to find their joy in life again had me tearing up several times, and laughing at others.... Dance With Me is a book m/m fans should NOT miss.  It’s without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read this year. — Cassie at Joyfully Reviewed

To the Pain Top Pick: Dance With Me was one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. Knocked me for a SERIOUS loop, emotionally; it hit me in so many meaningful spots. Amazing, stereotype-busting characterizations with such depth. Stunningly beautiful in places: so tender and raw. — Jane at To the Pain

Cullinan’s love of dance and music, the thread that becomes a rope tying Ed and Laurie together, creates a haunting melody that will sing to readers long after they put the book down. — Pat Henshaw, All About Romance

An interesting take on the opposites attract trope with a dancer and an ex-football player but told in such a way that creates a beautiful and endearing story filled with two well-developed characters. — Samantha at Fiction Vixen

The story is well written, as all of the author’s novels are, and thus fans should particularly enjoy this offering. The characters are definitely not flat or cookie cutter but honest and very real. — Whipped Cream Reviews

 I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!! Who made this rule anyway?  I shall give it 8!! Yes, I just couldn’t put it down. — Jenny & Gitte at Totally Booked

Nowhere Ranch

Winner, 2011 Rainbow Awards, 1st Place Contemporary Erotica

Nominee, 2011 Cupid & Psyche Awards, BDSM

Best Book of 2011, GLBT-BDSM, The Romance Reviews

I adored this book. It’s utterly and completely over the top. It’s exuberant. It’s angry — no, it’s furious. It’s totally steeped in dirty nasty sex. It’s leaking angst all over the place. It’s political and powerful and brilliant.... Passion and angst and anger are what it’s all about. — Sarah Frantz at Dear Author

Heidi Cullinan’s writing style is fabulous, her characters were sympathetic... I was drawn in from the first page and tore through this book in a day. Did I stay up way too late because I wanted to finish? Oh yeah! — Book Addict Patti

Five enthusiastic stars! NOWHERE RANCH--a wonderful erotic romance, with amazing characters, an emotionally charged and well-developed plot, and erotic love scenes. This is my first Heidi Cullinan novel, but I must say that I am already a fan. — Rho at The Romance Reviews

An erotic turning into family romance. I will not arrive to say it’s sweet romance, the sex is plenty and explicit, but I think that also the more romantic readers will enjoy it: give it a chance, there are even two cute puppies and an even cuter baby. — Elisa Rolle at Elisa's Reviews



Down the Middle

A great story with great characters and the super hot sex we come to expect from everything Cullinan writes. — Joyfully Jay


Temple Boy (out of print)


I will recommend this to those who love fantasy, true love, hardship, a fantastic storyline and an author who is going to continue to give us quality stories. — MM Good Book Reviews



The Wounds in the Walls (out of print)

Heidi Cullinan is an amazing writer and her stories are always captivating. (Reviews by Jessewave)

The Pirate's Game (out of print)


Cullinan is an excellent storyteller; her characters in the Etsey series are richly developed and the scenes are dramatic. There are three more books in the Etsey series. Readers are in for a treat. — Creative Ink Romance Reviews

A very interesting plot, with suspense overflowing every chapter, unexpected twists and a most satisfactory ending. — MM Good Book Reviews

The Seventh Veil (out of print)

Heidi is a great storyteller. She handles this complex novel with considerable aplomb. The characters of Charles and Timothy, Charles’ brother, Jonathan and the apprentice witch, Madeline move on and off the stage with fluidity. She evokes considerable empathy with the suffering of one of the main characters at the hands of Martin Smith, the evil alchemist. This is definitely a 5 Ravens book. — Barb Manning at BlackRaven Reviews


I was pretty blown away by the depth and reach of this book.  The world building is vivid and complex, the characterisation thorough and sympathetic.  I felt a whole range of emotions as I was reading from genuine chills to laughter, amazement and sorrow.  I'm already anticipating the next in this series and couldn't recommend it highly enough with a grade of 'Excellent'. — Jenre at Well-Read


It's not often you hear the word epic mentioned in the same breath as erotic, but Heidi Cullinan's The Seventh Veil is an astounding work of fantasy that manages to be both epic and erotic. This is a big story, full of big ideas, complete with an elaborate sense of geography, history, and mythology. It has everything you would expect to find in the first installment of an epic fantasy saga, along with some very progressive ideas regarding gender and sexuality. — Sally Sapphire at Bibrary Bookslut